Christ is risen – The gift of grace. The gift of hope.

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Easter marks the end of the Christian calendar, commemorating the death of the son of God who taught his followers that a good life is one of self-sacrifice and kindness to every person regardless of their community.

While we mourn the death of Jesus Christ, we are reminded that his martyrdom was his greatest lesson to the disciples.

The resurrection of Jesus was a miracle, a further covenant with humanity that a life after death awaited them. It also symbolises for us how suffering and misery in this life are transient. Jesus died for his convictions and gave to Christians the gifts of grace and hope. Grace through the knowledge that actions in this life can transcend hurt and pain – and hope for a better future.

Our Easter 2015 website is designed for our congregations to enjoy, with stories, videos, a children’s Easter puppet play and music suggestions.

We are continuing to add content after Easter so if you are taking photos of your Easter service please send through to Mobile phone photos are fine!

We wish you all a joyful Easter.

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