Homeless in Melbourne – mortgage stress just one issue

Mark Dixon being interviewed on ABC's LatelineMark Dixon, General Manager of Homelessness Services at Harrison UnitingCare in Victoria was interviewed on ABC’s Lateline recently about the current state of homelessness in the state. Mark has been working in the area for 25 years and offered some insights about the challenges his organisation faces and the information they gained from taking part in a research project with the local Centrelink offices. The research flagged that approximately 2,200 customers were spending over 80% of their income on rent alone. Mark also observed that people who get into mortgage stress and lose their properties are turning to agencies for support more and more.

To watch Mark’s interview with reporter Emma Alberici, see below.

UnitingCare Harrison operates throughout the Eastern Metropolitan region of Melbourne offering support for young people, single people and families, including disability services, homelessness services, youth and family services, housing services, property regeneration and material aid. You can read more about the agency here.

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