Old fashioned community spirit makes Pancake Day a success

Volunteers Bonnie Harrison, Bev Jungwirth, Fred Jungwirth, Helen Barton

Volunteers Bonnie Harrison, Bev Jungwirth, Fred Jungwirth, Helen Barton

For the congregation at Euroa Uniting Church, Pancake Day is all about enthusiasm for a good cause and bringing people together.

The congregation raised more than $1600 last year, coming second only to the Combined Uniting Churches of Launceston who raised more than $1745 for UnitingCare.

Euroa Uniting Church treasurer Phyllis Dean said although her community was small they came together in a big way for Pancake Day.

“Spreading the word beforehand seems to be the secret to our Pancake Day success here in Euroa.

“Last year, two people went to every shop, every business in town: solicitors’ offices, banks, doctors, everywhere, getting orders.

“They got the orders for the pancakes and there was a team of about six or seven fellows who delivered them on the day.

“Our kitchen at St Andrew’s hall was packed with busy volunteers making batter while others cooked the pancakes,” Ms Dean said.

On Pancake Day the hall is set up like a café and people from the community come to eat together while others have pancakes delivered straight to their doors.

“I’m the treasurer of the church so I look after the money. I generally take my position at the front door with another lady welcoming people.

“We have others who act as waiters and waitresses. We are well supported by the community who join in the fun and enjoy the pancakes,” Ms Dean said.

The event in Euroa is organised by the events committee and really took off when retired pastor Fred Jungwirth moved to town.

“Fred has been the driving force since he arrived at the end of 2005. In 2006 we really got stuck into Pancake Day.

“By having a good leader we all jumped aboard.”

Another stalwart is Ewan Cameron who brings along a stool and apron and does a good bulk of the washing-up.

“The week before we aim to have an article in our local paper telling people what we plan to do.

“Last year we sold about 1000 pancakes in 500 servings,” she said.

Ingredients for the pancakes are purchased locally but because so many orders were placed the congregation received a good discount.

“People are very generous because they know we are working hard and I think the issues  and projects we are supporting hit a nerve with a lot of people,” Ms Dean said.

This year Pancake Day will focus on assisting people in crisis. Poverty is growing in Australia with an estimated 2.5 million people living below the internationally accepted poverty line.

According to the Australian Council of Social Service, 603,000 (or 17.7 per cent) of all Australian children are living in poverty.

The hard workers at Euroa will endeavour to raise the most funds for the cause this year, besting their second place finish last year.

“Our current minister, Rev Glynnis Gill, she hopped in and helped and I know she will again this year.

“We just make it a really happy day.

“Everyone in the church just gets in and does something to help.

“On Pancake Day we are always tired when it is finished but it is a happy tiredness. You know the difference? You can be tired because you are really jiggered but a happy tiredness gives you a good feeling and we generally sit down and have a cuppa and perhaps a pancake, thoroughly exhausted but thrilled to bits,” Ms Dean said.

Pancake Day is Tuesday 17 February but events can be held any time during the month. You can register for your event at: www.pancakeday.com.au


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