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18_Love-Without-LimitsTo be honest, I don’t know what I expected to learn by reading Love Without Limits. Perhaps I was just sucked in by the promise of a “remarkable story of true love conquering all”.

Admittedly the book had a lot going for it, being the latest offering from Australian-raised and Californian-based motivational speaker and evangelist Nick Vujicic.

Nick was born without arms and legs but – thanks to a loving family and an incredible dose of personal drive – has never allowed himself to be looked at as disabled.

This is a man who does not seek to break down barriers but, instead, metaphorically runs them over then backs his wheelchair up and gives them another bashing before doing a wheel stand.

It is a story which has been told in book form previously and also on TV shows such as 60 Minutes.

Despite his success, if there was one thing which still stood as a barrier for Nick it was his ability to attract a life partner, someone who looked beyond his physical limitations and saw a life as fulfilling as it would be with an able-bodied partner.

Nick admits he had not been lucky in love but then along came Kanae, when he was in his late 20s and seriously considering a life alone.

In many ways, at least to the outside world, there was nothing simple or straightforward about their relationship. But Kanae sensed it was just meant to be.

“I guess it was too much to ask God to send my future husband to me on a white horse with the angels play trumpets! Apparently He wanted me to figure it out for myself with His guidance,” she wrote.

“I reasoned that God went to a lot of work to put a poor girl from a remote town in Mexico in the same room in Dallas, Texas with a globetrotting Australian evangelist who was living in California. There had to be a reason for that, didn’t there?’’

Certainly the couple have dealt with people who have sought to put their own opinion and prejudices on their relationship, particularly after the birth of their son Kiyoshi.

But, is their story remarkable, as opposed to the love story of many others I have heard? Probably not.

What the book seeks to explain is that with a strong faith in God, a willingness to remain in communication and share any insecurities is a pretty decent foundation for a loving and sustaining relationship.

Could that have been said in less than the 244 pages in the book? Yes.

As someone who has been in a committed relationship for going on 15 years, I am not the target for the book. But  for a younger couple just beginning their journey, with some belief their feelings are beyond puppy love, the book may offer some interesting insights.

If there was one story which encapsulated why Nick should have proposed after little time together it was the touching story of the first present Kanae ever gave him.

Kanae had bought him a jacket and devised a way to wrap it so Nick could open his present like anyone else, which without arms was bound to be a challenge.
Nick was able to unwrap the gift by pulling open a bow with his teeth.

What Kanae did not know was it was the first time Nick had ever opened a present by himself,  always relying on others in the past.
Definitely an ‘Aaaaw’ moment.

Review by Nigel Tapp

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