Universal music

Ministers and congregation members are invited to use a new online subscription service. The website Songs That Unite (STU) streams religiously inspired music, facilitating local access to a library of tracks from all over the globe.

Today most families are familiar with ‘streaming’ music, movies and television shows. Companies such as Netflix, Youtube and iTunes bring digital media from the computer to home entertainment systems in living rooms.

Songs That Unite embraces these opportunities by making a range of music tracks available to churches to use during services.

Rev Terence Corkin is the project director of STU. He said the program could also help to drive online traffic to congregation websites.

“The system is very simple at the church’s end,” Mr Corkin said.

“We provide codes for church webmasters that creates a portal from their church website to the STU website. Everything in that site presents seamlessly as though it is their website. People access the music through their own church website and play whatever tracks they like.

“Churches can set up a play list they can play straight through with the click of a button.

“By offering subscription packages, they can listen to songs and purchase and download what they wish to own and or use in worship services.”

There is also an option to earn commissions if congregation members purchase tunes they discover through their local churches.

Mr Corkin said they are hoping to provide a variety of resources such as educational and leadership resources; family friendly films, books and DVDs.

For more information go to: www.songsthatunite.org.au

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