2014 Australian Christian Book of the Year

The great bible swindle

The great bible swindle

I chuckled as I read the testimony of a recent convert to atheism in which he described his epiphany as a ‘Road to Damascus experience’. Sadly, the irony will have been lost on his audience. Such is the general lack of familiarity with the Bible, we even need to ask whether the irony was intentional.

The best-selling book of all time is absent from our public school curriculum. Censorship of the most influential text in the world is giving way to indifference. In a single generation our society has lost touch with the greatest story ever told and the most significant life ever lived.

This is The Great Bible Swindle. And the consequences are as numerous as they are profound. The inability to appreciate biblical allusions in our language compromises the meaning and gravity of our words.

Respect for individual worth, justice with mercy, scientific inquiry, equality, charity and grace are gospel fruits in our culture which we take for granted. When we no longer recognise their source and foundation we risk losing them altogether.

Most critically, we learn in the Bible what we cannot otherwise know. That when all else has passed away, three things will remain: faith, hope and love. That it’s not ‘what’ you know but ‘who’ you know.

Greg Clarke has a doctorate in literature and is the CEO of Bible Society Australia. This is his manifesto.

The Great Bible Swindle is a concise, persuasive and friendly appeal to read the Bible. Your neighbour needs to read this book. You do too.

Michael Collie is the National Director of SparkLit.

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