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As Victorians prepare for the upcoming state elections, many people are unsure about how to vote. How do you find more information about issues that are important to you? How can you know which parties are prepared to do something about those issues? Does the Church have a voice in the democratic process?

The Victorian Election Kit, put together by the Justice and International Mission (JIM) unit, seeks to clarify some concerns. The document expresses the synod’s position on a range of issues. These issues include alcohol abuse, protection of those with disabilities, gambling, and housing.

Dr Mark Zirnsak, director of the JIM unit, said the kit aims to help Church members identify important issues, understand politicians and engage with the political process in a way consistent with the Gospel.

“This document is an expression of our faith as Christians and how this interacts with being a citizen of Victoria,” he said. Rather than tell people how to vote, the kit outlines ways to become actively involved in the voting process. It also includes questions for discussion groups and suggestions for letter writing or personally approaching politicians.

The document draws on the Statement to the Nation made by the Inaugural Assembly of the UCA in 1977. The statement reminded members that Christian responsibility to society is fundamental to the mission of the Church.

For a copy of the Victorian Election Kit, please contact E: jim@victas.uca or Ph: 03 9251 5266.

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