Celebrating a decade of Uniting AgeWell

18_manor-lakesOctober marked the 10th year since the foundation of Uniting Aged Care, renamed Uniting AgeWell last year. Events were held throughout Victoria and Tasmania to commemorate the occasion.

Uniting AgeWell hasn’t just celebrated the last 10 years. The events have also focussed on remembering the work of congregations who set up care in their own communities, dating back to the 1950s.

Uniting AgeWell now operates in 47 locations, including 20 residential sites. Across both states, they have 1400 residents and provide home care and support to a further 1000 people.

The celebrations were held at all 21 major sites in Victoria and Tasmania, with more than 500 people attending the first six events. A mixture of residents, volunteers, family and friends dressed up, shared meals, reminisced and danced together in celebration.

Angela Taylor is the lifestyle coordinator at Manor Lakes, the site where one of the first events was held.

“The residents created their own dress-ups with hats, gloves and scarves,” Ms Taylor said. “They were very enthusiastic and excited. Our residents were still talking about it weeks later.”

At each event, a Uniting AgeWell board member spoke about the organisation and the current projects they were taking on. Long-serving staff received awards, residents celebrating milestone birthdays were congratulated and volunteers were thanked.

Attendees also received a copy of Ten Years Working Together, a booklet produced for the anniversary. It contains a history of the organisation, and its journey over the last 10 years.

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