Abolitionist Sunday

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Christians from all major denominations will join forces to take a stand against human trafficking and slavery on Abolitionist Sunday, 23 November.

Churches will hold events across the country to speak out against a world where millions of men, women and children are still exploited for profit.

Prominent Christian leaders (pictured) recently posed for a photo shoot on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne to raise awareness for the cause.

Dr Mark Zirnsak of the synod Commission for Mission joined Dean of Melbourne Rev Dr Andreas Loewe, World Vision CEO Rev Tim Costello, and Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle to call on Christians to speak out against human trafficking and slavery on Abolitionist Sunday.

“As Christians we need to complete the work of abolishing slavery and make sure we are not unwitting beneficiaries through the products we buy,” Dr Mark Zirnsak said.

“We need to ensure that all people have decent jobs. Abolitionist Sunday gives us the opportunity to learn about steps we can take to help make that happen.”

Members of the public are invited to an inter-denominational Abolitionist Sunday service taking place at St Paul’s Cathedral at 2.30pm on Sunday 23 November.

Mr Costello will be speaking at the service, along with Dr Loewe and representatives from 18 inner-city churches.

Popular artists, the Germein Sisters, will be performing their song ‘How Can I Close My Eyes’ at the event, followed by a rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ and other songs by The Open Door Gospel Singers.

You can register your church to take part in Abolitionist Sunday at www.worldvision.com.au/abolitionistsunday or attend the inter-denominational event at St Paul’s Cathedral, 2.30pm on Sunday 23 November.

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