Faithfull expressions

19_GiLEach year many from around the life of the church gather for a time of theological reflection, study and creative activities under the banner of Wisdom’s Feast.

This image illustrates the idea of faithful artistic expression and imaginative ways of reinterpreting faith that the annual event strives to embody.

The event encompasses a range of activities, many of which incorporate the arts as a means to offer fresh ways of conveying and responding to questions of faith and spirituality.

Eleni Rivers (pictured) is an Artfull Faith project worker who regularly leads a ‘Conversations in Paint’ workshop at Wisdom’s Feast. The workshop encourages participants to turn their stories into paintings.

Working together in teams, groups are encouraged to express themselves in paint, without words, on large sheets of paper.

The pictured session concluded with participants sharing their stories and linking that to the experience of painting together.

Highlighting the importance of artistic expression and creativity, Ms Rivers said the non-verbal expression offered by artistic endeavours can be a great way of engaging people in reflection and opening up to new ways of learning.

“Many said how expressing themselves in art gave an extra dimension and richness to their experience of Wisdom’s Feast,” she said.

“As the name suggestions we were literally working with paint and colour – there was a powerful mood in the room.

“To involve oneself in the making of art is a powerful way to express ideas and open up to new possibilities.”

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