Partnering Prahran Mission

UnitingCare Prahran Mission was recently welcomed into the fold of the Cheltenham-Mentone Uniting Church community at a service marking the agency’s move to the church’s Charman Road property.

UnitingCare Prahran Mission’s Moorabbin office was sold under the Uniting our future program and has now relocated to the church’s refurbished tennis pavilion in Cheltenham.

Church secretary David Vine said more than 60 church members attended a nine o’clock breakfast before taking part in a service marking the new partnership between the agency and congregation.

Cheltenham-Mentone UC has also opted to sell property previously earmarked for sale under the property divestments. They plan to use sale funds for renovations at the Charman Road site.

Mr Vine said that, despite the recent upheaval, the new partnership has helped the church community reassess ways to better utilise its property for mission purpose.

“It’s exciting now because everything is starting to fall into place. I think a number of us who were a bit downcast have been reenergised,” Mr Vine said.

Prahran Mission CEO Quinn Pawson said the church community had ensured an otherwise difficult move had run smoothly.

“Any move is challenging, so to have such a welcome at Cheltenham Uniting Church has been wonderful,” Mr Pawson said.

“We are looking forward to building on this positive start and exploring future opportunities for partnership with the congregation.”

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