Images of faith

“How do you see God at work in the world?” This is the question Alister Pate, pastor of Caféchurch, hopes to answer with a photography exhibition to be held as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in September.

The collaboration between the Church of All Nations in Carlton and Caféchurch Melbourne aims to encourage people to think about how they see God at work in the world. Seven themes have been suggested for the Spiritus et Locus (Spirit and Place) exhibition – joy, suffering, spirituality, love and service, doubt, work, reconciliation – to encourage people to look with fresh eyes at the world in which they live.

“It’s easy enough to talk about it, but learning how to actually see the traces of God in your life, or that of others, takes practice,” Mr Pate said. “This is an opportunity to put your artistic gifts to work in the service of your soul.”

Participants are encouraged to upload images to the exhibition website, where they can exchange tips and advice as well as share reflections on the work.

Mr Pate hopes anyone with an interest in photography will take part.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are a semi-professional photographer with all the latest gear, or just equipped with a smart phone or a point-and-shoot,” he said. “This isn’t just an exhibition – it is an opportunity to engage in a spiritual practice, the examen, re-imagined for today.”

“The idea is to take a theme with you into your day. Have your camera or smartphone with you. Keep your eyes open. It might be the joy of your beaming grandchild, or suffering and doubt as revealed by a busy shopping centre. When you’ve taken a photo you’re pleased with, upload it to the site, add a brief reflection, and you’re done.”

Spiritus et Locus is a collaboration between the Church of All Nations ( and Caféchurch Melbourne ( For more information go to: or contact Alister Pate: or 0400 013 799.

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