Chance to play a part

???Approximately 400 people will gather at La Trobe University in September for Synod 2014.

Among the major issues on the agenda will be a report from Uniting our future and a discussion regarding directions for the Major Strategic Review. The Christian Religious Education Task Group will report their findings to the Synod and a moderator-elect will be chosen.

General Secretary of the Vic/Tas synod Rev Dr Mark Lawrence said the church had faced many challenges throughout the past 18 months. As well as the usual business of Synod, he hopes it will be a time for reflection, clarification and frank discussions.

“Synod 2014 is an important opportunity to gather together and share our experience of the past 18 months,” Dr Lawrence said. “We would really like to encourage members of the church to think seriously about becoming a member of Synod and taking an active part in the decision-making processes in the life of the church.”

Dr Lawrence said that anyone interested in becoming a member should speak with their presbytery as soon as possible.

Last year was Carlynne Nunn’s first experience of a Synod meeting. She hopes people will embrace the chance to have a say on the wider issues facing the church.

“For me it was a revelation. It was fun,” Ms Nunn said.

“This was my first real witness of the capital C church getting down to business. I had never been at a collection of so many of us crazies at the one time since becoming a member and it was beautiful.

“There was disagreement, and there was hurtful lament and dissention, but there was spirit-fuelled and led contemplation, there was respectful listening, and the glory and grace of people admitting they were wrong or changing their minds.

“I know I have not been around as long as others and perhaps my take on proceedings is a little naïve. But to be part of an organization that pauses to consider everyone’s opinion, that listens to what the spirit might say, and whose very existence is a plea for the betterment of the world, is a gift we should cherish.”

Synod 2014 meets from Friday 19 September to Wednesday 24 September. For more information go to:

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