Public lecture: Marketization of the Bible

Image by el vacano on Flickr

Image by el vacano on Flickr

There is a Green Bible, a Gay and Lesbian Bible, an African Bible, an Amplified Bible, a New American Bible, a Youth Bible, a Bible in Cockney and a People’s Bible.

The universal script has not only fragmented into several splinter Bibles, but, far worse, it has become closely allied to the entertainment industry as an easily consumable commercial object.

The Centre for the Theology and Ministry (CTM) is hosting an upcoming public lecture looking at these issues.

Emeritus Professor of Biblical Hermeneutics, Department of Theology and Religion at University of Birmingham, R. S. Sugirtharajah will present the lecture at CTM on 21 August.

Professor Sugirtharajah has written extensively on biblical studies and is particularly well known for postcolonial criticism to biblical studies.

For more information: 03 9340 8800;

To be held at the Centre for the Theology and Ministry, 29 College Cres, Parkville

Thursday, 21st August 2014, 7:00 pm

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