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“Ending world poverty” is the oft-stated aspiration for everyone from presidents to pop stars to pageant queens.

The fact that an estimated one billion children still live in poverty illustrates the complexity of the issue. It is little wonder many ordinary

Australians wonder how they can possibly have an impact on a global scale.

But a new video campaign from Make Poverty History aims to highlight just how easy it is to make a difference. Pauline Kearsley is the campaign coordinator for MPH. Last month Ms Kearsley produced a short film with the help of two actors (who volunteered their time) to show people how easy it is to contact their local MP.

“In the video, one actor contrasted the difficulty of trying to put a fitted sheet on a bed with the simplicity of calling and speaking to your local representative,” Ms Kearsley said.

“The video also offers reassurance that supporters are not expected to be experts on global poverty. But that shouldn’t stop people using their voice. The video was a fun way to get this message of importance to supporters.”

Ms Kearsley wants people to know MPs tally the number of calls they get each week on a particular issue.

The film was shot on location at the Uniting Church synod building. The bed-making scene was filmed on location at one of the hotels next-door to the synod building, who offered the room as a donation.

The Church is one of the member agencies of MPH. The MPH secretariat is co-located in the synod office, which provides them with space and staff resources.

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