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pirates perfomers

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One would think that pirates have little relevance in Uganda. After all, even though Lake Victoria, which forms part of the country’s border, may be large enough to see from space, it is really a puddle compared to the Caribbean Sea. Any marauding band of swashbuckling buccaneers would be hard-pressed to escape with their doubloons, let alone find an isolated island on which to bury ill-gotten treasure.

In truth then, pirates have little relevance in Uganda. But on 1 June they will have great relevance to Uganda – specifically to Rubaga Youth Development Association (RYDA).

That Sunday afternoon at 2.30pm Singularity will perform Gilbert and Sullivan’s famous and fabulous Pirates of Penzance at St. Margaret’s, Mooroolbark to raise funds for RYDA’s ongoing work with orphaned and vulnerable children.

Arr! (pirate-like exclamation), the afternoon is guaranteed to be musical, mirthful merriment so bring your ship around and let the wind take you to Hull Road with pieces of gold in your pocket. All booty collected will be given to RYDA’s work.

Established in 1993 in an old rented building on a dirt lane in Rubaga, Kampala, RYDA now reaches out from its Vocational Training Centre in Buloba to the streets of the capital and villages in several districts beyond.

At the centre RYDA offers a home, food, health services, life skills training and vocational training in a spiritual environment to 13-18 year olds who formerly lived on the street, in child labour, or other vulnerable situations.

Everything RYDA is, does and has exists through partnership between Ugandan local knowledge and first world funding. This performance of Pirates is one more small step in St. Margaret’s 18 years of involvement in this partnership.

You are invited to weigh anchor and join the crew for the rollicking frolic – but leave the rum behind, because afternoon tea is provided.

By Doug Williams

More details at www.blackdouglas.com.au/ryda/news.htm or by contacting Doug Williams, doug@blackdouglas.com.au or 03 9726 6968.

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