Cheering on charity champions

SHARE hosted an afternoon tea at the synod office chapel in December to celebrate the ongoing work of the SHARE Ambassadors in championing SHARE’s programs and initiatives.

SHARE Ambassadors Jan and Peter Gilbertson (pictured) have a long-standing connection to the organisation. It began with the involvement of Mr Gilbertson’s father Jack, who was a former chairperson of SHARE.

“His enthusiasm for the work of SHARE has been passed on to the family. He ensured that his philanthropic practice would be continued by his children.

“We’ve been part of the Ambassador program since its launch and feel passionate about supporting the SHARE team and promoting their work in the wider community as well as in local church congregations,” the Gilbertsons said.

The couple are members of Essendon Uniting Church who support various SHARE appeals.

“SHARE has a clear focus to help all people in need, not just UCA members and thus demonstrates the notion of the Good Samaritan, taking care of anyone in need.

“As Christians, we try to follow Christ’s example of looking out for those who may need a helping hand at some stage.

“We donate because we have faith that SHARE will use these resources responsibly and creatively.”

The Gilbertsons appreciate the fact that SHARE’s philosophy aligns closely with their own. They feel a personal connection with the SHARE team at the synod office.

“We believe they have the expertise to assess the greatest needs of communities by having people ‘on the ground’.

“The programs seem to empower local people to then help those in their community, almost like a positive chain reaction.

“Many programs focus on personal wellbeing, not just providing physical assistance.”

They feel particularly passionate about The Reconciliation Action Plan in Gippsland, the Time Out holidays for families affected by floods and fires, and the Horses for Hope program.

The SHARE Ambassador Program (SAP) was launched on 12 September, 2012. SAP provides structure around SHARE champions and supports the individual efforts that each donor is already making.

It also offers an opportunity for passionate SHARE supporters to meet each other.

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