Witnessing the work of the UCAF

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Rev Alistair Macrae and Joan Waters

Faith, Work and Witness, a history of the UCAF, was recently launched by Rev Alistair Macrae in Melbourne. Written by Joan Waters, Faith, Work and Witness documents the work of the UCAF while paying tribute to members past and present.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Macrae praised the longstanding commitment of UCAF members.

“Joan’s book is a wonderful testament to the life and witness of the extensive network of UCAF groups right across the Uniting Church,” Mr Macrae said.

“In each congregation I’ve been a minister, the UCAF has been at the heart of mission and congregational life.

“It’s full of these beautiful glimpses of people, in their ordinary lives, seeking to share the joy and the challenge of the Gospel in their local communities. As Christians, we live between memory and hope – this book rekindles our memories and inspires our hope.”

Ms Waters, a former editor of Network, said producing the book was a rewarding experience that shed light on an important aspect of the life of the Uniting Church.

“It was a great pleasure meeting and speaking with all the people involved with the UCAF,”Ms Waters said.

“I hope I have been able to breathe life into their stories – spirited, resilient, resourceful UCAF members who have contributed so much to their local communities and to the wider church throughout Australia and other parts of the world.”

For copies of Faith, Work and Witness: The Uniting Church Adult Fellowship 1977-2007 contact David Wang on 9251 5255 or visit ucrc.org.au.

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