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(L –R) James Clark, Ashleigh Boucher, Amy Smart, Toblerone – Age Greenwood, Georgie Boucher, Helen Boucher, Rhian Owen, Alanee Hearnshaw & Ben Lohning


















A number of people gathered at South Wharf Docklands in October to join the Stop the Traffik Global Campaign advocating that Toblerone be a traffic-free chocolate bar.

The group of people from the Uniting Church, Salvos, (including small brass band) Baptists, Anglican and the Jewish Council of Women gathered together at the Mondeleze Australian Offices. In the spirit of good fun, music, juggling  and a ‘human Toblerone’, Mondeleze representative Simon Talbot was presented with thousands of signed postcards and 100 letters gathered by 15-year-old Ben Lohning accompanied by a heartfelt speech:

“As a young Australian I don’t agree with human trafficking. I don’t believe that anyone should be bought or sold. Unfortunately the chocolate industry uses child labour especially down the Ivory Coast. And I want to be able to buy chocolate traffic-free. You have the power to change that. Please make Toblerone traffic-free and make Mondeleze a company that ethically young people can be proud of.”

It was a great start to the global campaign, with Mondeleze gracious in acceptance and open, in discussing their hopes for the future of ethical chocolate in Australia.

By Alanee Hearnshaw


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