Inroads alleviating poverty

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2_aireys-inletThe Andean band Inka Marka (pictured) provided some lively musical entertainment at a recent event held by the Aireys Inlet Uniting Church.

To mark the United Nations International Year of Quinoa, attendees filled the Aireys Inlet community hall to hear former World Vision sustainable food production project coordinator Dr Paul Woods.

Noted for its nutritional value and ability to adapt to different production environments, quinoa is heralded as a future backstop for global food security.

Dr Woods addressed more than 130 attendees, discussing progress towards reducing starvation and malnutrition in the developing world.

Dr Woods challenged those present to consider what they can do, both in adjustments to their own lifestyles and active contributions to aid organisations.

“Business as usual will see one-in-seven people continue to live needlessly on the edge of starvation,” Dr Woods said.

Representatives from eight locally supported groups, including UnitingWorld, took the opportunity to present overviews of their work to alleviate poverty and hunger in the developing world.

Convener of the Aireys Inlet Uniting Church’s outreach team, Mary Bremner, said she was delighted with the turnout which showed that care for those in less fortunate circumstances is alive and well on the Surf Coast.

Quinoa dishes were available for tasting along with a lunch featuring quinoa soup.

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