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Connections CEO Angela Forbes, Dieter Knierim and Connections Chairperson Fiona Hanlon

Connections CEO Angela Forbes, Dieter Knierim and Connections Chairperson Fiona Hanlon

Young filmmaker Dieter Knierim is this year’s recipient of the Connections UnitingCare Anti-Poverty Award.

Mr Knierim’s film Unfinished Business highlights issues faced by Indigenous people in far north Queensland living with a disability.  The film was created after Mr Knierim became involved with the First People’s Disability Network.

“Many people are unaware of the fact that there are a significant number of Aboriginal people living with a disability,” Mr Knierim said.

“This project was not only about creating awareness of this important issue but also about being able to capture the lives of these people and connect them back to their communities.”

The School Award for 2013 was presented to Burnside State High School from Nambour in Queensland. Students from the school have developed a partnership with a local homeless support agency, SHACK. Fundraising efforts have raised money to purchase street swags and food for those who are homeless in the Nambour area.

Speaking at the presentation of the awards, Connections CEO Angela Forbes said the awards acknowledge the work of many young people across the country that often goes unnoticed.

“I am amazed each year at the creative and sophisticated ways that young people and schools are engaging with the communities affected by poverty and extreme disadvantage. This year’s recipients are no exception,” Ms Forbes said.

“In light of the recent report released by UnitingCare Children, Young People and Families, which states that around 2.6 million (11.8 per cent) of Australians are living below the poverty line, it is evident that poverty is far more prevalent than we often see or hear. These young people and schools are working hard to change that.”

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