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A new partnership designed to help people travel responsibly and ethically was recently launched at the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania office in Melbourne. The Commission for Mission (CFM) has teamed with Jetaway Travel to provide travel packages that respect cultures, are responsible, ethical and tread lightly in destination countries.

CFM director Rev David Pargeter said responsible and ethical travel was a fitting space for the Church to engage under the principle of altruism which is the practice of concern for the welfare of others.

“We are trying to change the way in which people travel – not just ourselves, not just our immediate community, but everybody.

“We think that by getting involved in developing a competitive attractive travel product which just happens to be ethical and

responsible, we can influence systemic change,” Mr Pargeter said.

Project manager Jim Wakelam said the collaboration was the culmination of years of work by the CFM through the Uniting Church Adult Fellowship (UCAF).

“It was a gesture of optimism, an investment and expression of hope and trust in the essential goodness of people that they would, given the chance, behave in a caring and responsible manner when travelling, to both their hosts and the planet,” Mr Wakelam said.

Over that time and through the guidance of Rhonda Sutton, who initially took up the UCAF role, a philosophy of responsible travel broadened, and became more inclusive and clear, increasingly focussing on social justice issues, to which even the most humble traveller could make a difference.

To learn how you can travel responsibly and ethically through Uniting Journeys  contact: Elaine Williamson or  ph: 1300 728 142 or visit:

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