Reflections on Christmas

From North Essendon to the Solomon Islands, Uniting Church members take the opportunity to reflect on what Christmas means to them.

It’s a question of faith

Questions around the birth of Jesus add many layers to our life and faith, writes retired UC Minister John Evans.

Peace of mind in music

Music is providing much-needed relief to people living with dementia, including those in Uniting AgeWell facilities.

Aid to Z from John and Jenny

Melbourne couple John and Jenny Preston are celebrating 25 years of selfless service to Zambia's poor.

Minister all over the shops

A Melbourne shopping centre has become a 'mobile ministry' for Plenty Valley UC Minister Rev Dhirendra Narayan.

Elliot’s hidden a-gender

Elliot Nicholas was born a girl and had the birth certificate to prove it. But sometimes facts can get in the way of a good story. Or, in Elliot’s case, provide some dark chapters.

No bucks? No worries

How do you feed 300 people with just $300? Nobucks community meals service in Hobart shows how it can be done through the goodness of hearts like yours.

Vote of thanks for Jessie

The vital role a Tasmanian pioneer played in promoting the right of women to vote has been recognised, thanks to an extensive restoration project.

Members urged to speak up

The call is out encouraging younger members and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to nominate for next year's Synod Meeting.

Rod’s role of honour

Retired Minister Rod Horsfield refuses to let the memory fade of those who drowned in the SIEV-X maritime disaster 20 years ago.

Season to be thankful

The words of Luke tell us that it is in our darkest moments that God breaks in and fills us with the Spirit, says Moderator Denise Liersch.

What and why of worship

As churches come out of extended lockdown, it's the perfect time to take stock of what we are doing in worship and why, writes Minister Sally Douglas.