Synod calls on brands to sign up for worker safety

The Synod of Victoria and Tasmania and other non-profit organisations have called on Australian fashion brands to sign a critical safety accord on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse.

Remembering lives lost in Australian fields

The Uniting Church hosted an ecumenical service of lament over the weekend to mourn Pacific guest workers who have died or been injured in the Australian horticultural sector.

Reuniting families and saving lives

Uniting ReGen executive officer Laurence Alvis Uniting Vic.Tas launched two services on Wednesday that will work towards saving lives and creating safer environments for families across Victoria. An additional $1.

Snakes and leaders

Emerging church leaders got an opportunity to show that they could handle anything when they were invited to pick up live snakes at the Centre of Theology and Ministry.

Wicket behaviour

In his book 'The Character Gap', author Christian Miller suggests that we are ‘a messy blend of good and evil’.

Easter walk stops at all stations

The addition of a new sculpture at St Michael's Uniting Church meant that for the first time this year's central Melbourne Easter walk had a full complement of Stations of the Cross.