Coming out and speaking out in Islam

DAVID SOUTHWELL Australia’s only openly gay imam says that religious leaders with progressive views on sexuality need to speak up to save young lives.

Challenging stereotypes

Review by TIM LAM BOOK | WHEN MICHAEL MET MINA | RANDA ABDEL-FATTAH What happens when a teenager from an anti-immigration family meets a young Afghan refugee? That is the premise o

Jesus vs Muhammad

Book | Understanding Jesus and Muhammad: What the ancient texts say about them | Bernie Power Review by Larry MarshallHere is a book that purports to speak with some knowledge an

A model for peace

BOOK | Blessed and Called to Be a Blessing: Muslim-Christian Couples Sharing a Life Together | Rev Helen Richmond Review by Rebecca Beisler When Michelle and Yusef chose to embark

Reclaiming Jihad

Review by Stefanie Pearce Book | The Jihad of Jesus: the sacred nonviolent struggle for justice | Dave Andrews See the word jihad in the title of a book and you guess that it’s lik

Islamic Climate Change Declaration

A new Islamic declaration set to be announced next week will call on the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims to take urgent action on climate change.

Bendigo mosque gets the green light

The construction of the first Bendigo mosque will go ahead after the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) approved the proposal’s planning permit.

Setting the record straight

By Robert Latimer As the key organiser and master of ceremonies for the ‘Understanding Islam’ series held on 18 and 25 March 2015 at North Ringwood Uniting Church, (NRUC) I would l

The Other Story

By Andrew Juma “Closest to the believers in love and affection are the Christians”(from the Qu’ran, Chapter 5 verse 82).