Rallying to a feminist way of thinking

It’s not every seminar session that encompasses questions of Christology, gender, race and Serena Williams but that’s what happened last Friday afternoon during the With All Due Respect: Theology, Feminism and Conflict

Letting Go

This month's Crosslight feature is on the diversity of Christian perspectives on dying with dignity.

Choosing understanding over fear

People from 14 countries and regions gathered in Jakarta last month for YATRA (Youth in Asia Training in Religious Amity)

Face to face

The new About FACE program will be held from 3-20 January next year.

Gorilla Warfare

Perhaps a movie about talking apes is the last place audience would expect to find Christian imagery.

Languages matter

A multicultural church is a multilingual church, writes Rev Swee Ann Koh, director of the synod's intercultural unit.