Presbyteries in transition

PENNY MULVEY Sixty representatives from across the presbyteries and synod gathered at the Centre for Theology & Ministry last month to hear about progress relating to future plans for the presbyteries.

Letters to the editor – July 2017

Responding to terror Hear, hear! to the views expressed by the editor in regard to using the awful terrorist attacks in Manchester as a means to vilify those seeking to escape bombings and war to find refuge in a safer p

With courage let us all combine

UCA Assembly President Stuart McMillan said the federal government’s decision to award $70 million in compensation to asylum seekers kept in offshore detention once again showed what a moral failure the policy has been.

Op shop rises from the ashes

The Bridgewater Gagebrook Uniting Church has re-opened its op shop doors again after the building was severely damaged by a deliberately lit fire on 6 April.

Meditation on the UCA 40th Anniversary

Karel Reus, a member of Armadale Uniting Church wrote this prayer and meditation for the congregation’s service of recognition for the UCA’s 40th anniversary.