Circles of support

Most people have a network of friends they can call on for support, but for those living with a disability these connections may be harder to foster due to stigma and social isolat

They had no choice

ANIMALS have served in war for hundreds of years, from elephants during the time of Hannibal, to the present day bomb-sniffing dogs used in the Afghanistan conflict.

Licence to print money

NIGEL TAPP Tasmanian author and Wesley Hobart member James Boyce’s examination of the often cosy relationship between Tasmanian governments and gambling giant Federal Hotels over

Mission focused-future

HOW presbyteries will carry out their pastoral ministry of supporting congregations and ministers and encouraging mission is an important issue facing the church.

Seeing the Vision in action

It repeatedly amazes me how the Synod’s Vision and Mission Principles come to life around me: not because of my effort, but rather because I notice something or hear a story.

Family tragedy

Review by PENNY MULVEY BOOK AND FILM | THE FAMILY Cult def: a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many p

Synod Snaps – April 2017

Members from the East Stonnington Uniting Churches joined in a World Day of Prayer service at St Mary’s Catholic Church in East Malvern.

Good call

Review by BOB FASER TELEVISION | CALL THE MIDWIFE | ABC 1 THE fifth season of Call the Midwife confronts a range of significant social issues with the same honesty and commitment