Test of compassion?

FRIDAY FORUM YOUR VIEWS ON THE NEWS It has been described by the Prime Minister as a policy based on ‘love’, but the federal government’s plan to impose drug tests on new welfare

A Budget of few blessings

Uniting Church President Stuart McMillan has expressed disappointment at the 2017 Federal Budget and said there is little for vulnerable Australians to rejoice about.

Macron’s mandate for moderate reform

ALAN AUSTIN People of faith in France, across Europe and beyond will welcome the result of Sunday’s final presidential election, for at least four reasons.

May 2017 Crosslight out now

Goorambat Uniting Church is probably the last place you would expect to see original artworks by internationally renowned artist Adnate.

Locked out

By DAVID SOUTHWELL Youth gangs running amok at public events in central Melbourne, riots and escapes at juvenile jails, terrifying home invasions, armed robberies and carjackings i

Gospel truths?

Friday Forum Your views on the news BARRY GITTINS As part of their passive aggressive, internecine sparring, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has had yet another indirect crack a

When doing good is the bottom line

Long before Westpac decided not to invest in the proposed Adani mine because of climate change concerns, UCA Funds Management was leading the way in ethical investment.