We, the people of St Columbas have been chosen. Our church, our halls, our kindergarten, our tennis courts and our manse are to be sold to pay off your debt. “It’s unjust! You should fight.

Youth program hit hard

Volunteers at work Twenty-six properties in Yarra Yarra Presbytery are listed for divestment.

Moves to stem money laundering

Christian Aid is using the image of Russian dolls as many of those involved in money laundering and tax dodging keep their money in phantom firms – a complex network of trusts and shell companies – in order to conceal th

‘Conceal reveal’ exhibition

By Paul Williams “Or does the land dance the dancer?”  This was a question put to me by artful faith coordinator Christina Rowntree, in discussion of one of the exhibits in the ‘conceal reveal’ exhibition recently held a

Coles moves on Thai labour

Coles is working on tackling forced labour and human trafficking issues in the seafood, fruit and vegetable industries in Thailand.

Divestment process enters next phase

The biggest property decision made in the history of the synod of Victorian and Tasmanian has now been enacted, with more than 50 properties soon to be put up for sale.

Methodists gather

Methodists gather in London In early September the worldwide family of Methodist, Wesleyan, United and Uniting Churches gathered in London for the World Methodist Council (WMC).

Pilgrimage partners

Uniting Church President Rev Prof Andrew Dutney and a delegation of Uniting Church leaders attended a historic series of meetings with leaders from the China Christian Council (CCC) in four Chinese cities from 16-24 Sept

Community support awarded

Swan Hill Uniting Church member Jill Pattenden (pictured left) was recently honoured with a ‘Promotion of Multiculturalism’ award at the 2013 Victorian Senior of the Year Awards at Government House.