Betrayal of Trust

The final report of the Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations was tabled in the Victorian Parliament on 13 November.

Road to recovery

After-effects of the destruction wrought by Typhoon Haiyan, in the Philippines, continues to be felt throughout the region. Latest reports suggest that, in total, 13.25 million people have been affected, with 4.

Church sales proceeding

Two of the properties listed for divestment in the Uniting our future program were sold to their tenants late last month. Many more on the divestment list are expected to be sold this month.

Compassion fatigue

The World Health Organization has classified the typhoon a category 3 disaster, marking it as being on par with the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

New committee to keep a watchful eye on finances

In the wake of the failure of projects such as the Acacia College development at Mernda, the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania has taken a tangible step to improve its governance model with the formation of a Finance Commit

Time to be heard

Stuffed bear given as a Christmas present to a child in Orana Methodist Home, Melbourne, Victoria 1960s. Soon after it was taken away without explanation. Image courtesy of Jeanette Blick.

Education a lasting legacy

Adela in class at Charbagh-E-Safa Girls High School in Jalalabad Australia’s main military base throughout the Afghanistan occupation, Tarin Kowt, will be formally handed over to Afghan security mid-December and 800 troo

UC joins alcohol policy coalition

The Uniting Church was recently invited to join the Victorian Alcohol Policy Coalition. The VicTas synod will join several organisations campaigning to reduce alcohol misuse in the community.


Once upon a time there was a large family business. Within the business there were a number of individual enterprises looked after by many children.