Spirit of giving

TIM LAM From a mobile ministry in Outback Victoria to a community hub on the Mornington Peninsula, Uniting Church congregations are involved in a variety of projects that live out

Rethinking Audacious Hope

Carla Wells reflects on the impending Trump presidency. On the night of 8 November, 2016, in the Bay Area of San Francisco, there was an eerie silence in the air.

Christmas appeal earns plenty of wraps

Last year’s 25th annual Target and UnitingCare Christmas Appeal delivered an “amazing result” raising well over a million dollars to give those in need something to mor

What to do with whistleblowers

The drastic shortening of Chelsea Manning’s sentence by the outgoing Obama administration in the US has brought the topic of whistleblowers back into the spotlight as Australia con

The healing power of home

When 89-year-old Reginald Rigby suffered a serious fall at home earlier this month and broke his left shoulder, hospital staff offered him the choice of recovering in respite care

Argument rages over whether begging is a crime

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says attempts by the Greens to decriminalise begging will rob the city of the only means it has to divert people off the streets and get them appr

Controversial campaign raises the baa

FRIDAY FORUM – YOUR VIEWS ON THE NEWS In what has become something of an annual January tradition, the Meat and Livestock Association’s advertisements promoting lamb are bou

The cool places to hang out at Yurora 17

The heatwave that left the large swathes of the northern (from a Victorian’s point of view) states sweltering this week did not spare the young and not-so-young attending Yurora 20