Fighting poverty by the book

RHONDA MATHESON-BROWNE Bookworms can purchase newly released books and raise funds for a worthwhile cause when Ocean Grove Uniting Church hosts a biannual book sale.

Age old story

Review by PENNY MULVEY PLAY | MINNIE & LIRAZ My mother, quoting my grandmother, regularly reminds her three daughters that ‘ageing is not for wimps’.

Agencies and Share ready to join Uniting

Next month UnitingCare agencies and Wesley Mission Victoria will begin operating under the name of Uniting, as they form a single organisation delivering the Church’s community services.

Windsor knots

Friday Forum Your views on the news For some the most important question of the weekend is what will the bride be wearing? The bride in question is Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Kate Middleton who is now known

Fight to stop Adani mine

The Indian multinational company Adani wants to build one of the biggest coal mines in the world in the Galilee Basin in Queensland.

Having budgets for breakfast but one gets a toast

PENNY MULVEY The second annual post-budget not-for-profit breakfast hosted by UCA Funds Management produced a combination of snappy media grabs and more reflective analysis on the health of Australia’s social sector.

Test of compassion?

FRIDAY FORUM YOUR VIEWS ON THE NEWS It has been described by the Prime Minister as a policy based on ‘love’, but the federal government’s plan to impose drug tests on new welfare recipients is not receiving a lot of lov