Can’t have a Bob each way

  REVIEW BY DAVID SOUTHWELL FILM | HOWARD ON MENZIES: BUILDING MODERN AUSTRALIA | ABC DVD The so-called History Wars were a feature of John Howard’s prime ministership.

Tales of vision and mission

REV DAVID WITHERS “This is a time when we believe …  the Spirit is calling us forward to new things and back to the hope in the Gospel of Jesus” These words from the Major Strategi

Sixty years of Somers

In late June, Somers Camp will be celebrating 60 years of providing a fun-filled environment for children to explore issues of faith and for young people to develop leadership abil

Poh lends a hand once more

Poh Ling Yeow might be known for her quirkily inventive cross-cultural style in the kitchen but at this time of year there’s one staple she’s happy to see served up hundreds of tim

Leading questions

PENNY MULVEY What role does ethics play in leadership? In many ways this has been an underlying theme throughout January with media reports on political entitlement in regards to t

Down-to-earth advice

REVIEW BY CATH JAMES BOOK | COMING BACK TO EARTH | JONATHAN CORNFORD It is rare to find a book that challenges the reader to confront ethical decisions about how to live and engage

February 2017 Synod Snaps

Wesley Church Melbourne presented its minister Rev Alistair Macrae a new purple stole featuring traditional Easter and Christmas symbols.

Creation stories

Patricia Piccinini, Sphinx 2012 REVIEW BY GARTH JONES MUSEUM | ON THE ORIGIN OF ART, MUSEUM OF OLD AND NEW ART, HOBART TASMANIA To paraphrase Monty Python’s Life of Brian, MONA Mus