Bad web design and the hope of God

PENNY MULVEY Humans are creatures of habit. We often go about our daily activities as if on a conveyor line. But sometimes a person, an event, some words on a page, will break through and stay with you.

Sound investment in the love of music

A group of young people’s dedication to making music has certainly hit the right note with Sammy Stamp, who gave them $2000 to buy some much-needed equipment and record their performance.

Farce to be reckoned with

Noises Off, the latest play from the Melbourne Theatre Company, is a perfect tonic for the seriousness of our world.

Muslim women attacked and alone

The majority of bystanders do not intervene when they witness an Islamophobic attack in public, according to a report released this week.

Braking bad

GARTH JONES As recent Hollywood legend goes, Baby Driver director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) dreamt up his film’s high concept as a student in the mid ‘90s.