88-year-old lives his Tiger Moth dream

Keith George’s wish to fly in a Tiger Moth plane for the first time in 63 years was granted on Saturday, when the 88-year-old took off from Lilydale Airport thanks to the Uniting A

Newlyweds feed 4,000 Syrian refugees

Lavish wedding banquets are customary in many parts of the world. In Turkey, weddings traditionally run from Tuesday to Thursday, culminating in a banquet on the final night.

Housing for the homeless

Volunteers around the world are coming up with creative housing designs to address homelessness in their city.

The Planting of Hope

Acts of kindness are central to happiness and fulfilment, something that Uniting Church members demonstrate in so many of their activities and quests for social justice and caring

The joy of baptism

No matter what your opinion of the relevance of monarchy in today’s society, the christening of the newest member of the House of Windsor over the weekend provided renewed awarene

Washing on wheels

The first thought that springs to mind when thinking of fresh laundry and men aged in their early 20s is (perhaps unfairly) the frequent trips back home made by such boys with a w