Distinguished speaker to talk on disability and the church


Pilgrim Theological College will be hosting an internationally renowned authority on the changing way disability is viewed within the church and what progress still needs to be made.

Professor Amos Yong will be the headline speaker of the ‘Disability, Theology and the Church’ forum being held in August.

Prof Yong is Professor of Theology and Mission ...

Talking about religion

Politicians can bring faith back into public discussions by focusing on the golden rule of treating others the way you wish to be treated, attendees at a Carlton Church of All Nations forum heard last Friday.

ABC Radio National’s Andrew West was one of the speakers at the ‘Conversations that make a difference’ event. It was organised ...

Story of Noah’s arc


When Monash University student Noah Yan first set foot in Melbourne 18 months ago, he did not know anyone in the city. Most of his family and friends were back home in China and it was the first time he lived by himself.

Just across the street from where Noah stayed was a red brick ...

Forty years of fighting for justice


In its first Statement to the Nation, the newly minted Uniting Church declared it would seek to rectify injustice wherever it saw it and vowed to stamp out racism and poverty.

In the fairly brief statement, 143 of the 509 words – or better than one in every five – were devoted to either justice ...

Warm western welcome


‘A pub with no beer’ aptly describes the former Argyle Arms Hotel in Hamilton, now the proud home to the Argyle UCA Op Shop.

To all bower birds who love to pick over former treasures, this store will truly bedazzle. With room after room of ‘stuff’, including a backyard also appropriately cluttered, shoppers are sure ...

ABC report not whole story


Domestic or family violence is a serious issue that touches all facets of society. Therefore, it is no surprise that 7.30 (ABC) and ABC Online last month focused on the high rate of domestic violence in church communities.

What was disappointing was the lack of rigour around the reporting. Statistics were unverified, information provided by other ...

Never giving up on social justice


They may be small in number but the Bendigo Uniting Social Justice Group’s advocacy work certainly packs a punch locally and even further afield.

Group convenor Garth Phillips said six or so members work with the local Uniting Church congregations – particularly St Andrew’s and Forest St – to get their message out.

Recently its ...

Penguin Uniting’s starring role

When the Penguin Uniting Church’s Uniting Friends group decided to weave 10,000 eight-pointed stars for a 2018 Commonwealth Games art project, the small group from Tasmania’s North-West Coast thought reaching the target might be a bit of a challenge.

However, last month it delivered not only its own 13,500 stars but also a further 500 ...

Shining a light on four years of offshore cruelty

Thousands braved the chilly Melbourne weather on Wednesday evening to join in a candlelight vigil marking four years of illegal offshore detention.

It was one of 57 rallies held nationwide, with similar events taking place in major cities and regional centres throughout Australia.

On 19 July 2012, then-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd introduced mandatory offshore detention for all people who ...