Faith at work


Australia may be an increasingly secular country according to the recent census, but author Kara Martin believes Christians can still practice their faith in the workplace in creative ways.

In her new book, Workship: How to Use Your Work to Worship God, Ms Martin documents stories of Christians who integrate faith into their daily occupations.


Getting to know your Moderator-elect nominees

The next Moderator of the VicTas synod will be elected at the Synod 2017 meeting in September.  Synod members will choose between three moderator-elect nominees: Rev Sani Vaeluaga, Rev Denise Liersch and Rev Stan Clarke.

Find out a bit more about the three nominees with this Q&A.


Tell us a little about your family/significant other?

I’m ...

UCA leaders denounce Hanson’s burqa stunt

The President of the Uniting Church in Australia Stuart McMillan has condemned One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson’s behaviour in the Australian Senate on Thursday.

 Senator Hanson put on a burqa during Senate Question Time to draw attention to her call for the full body veil worn by some Muslim women to be banned in Australia.

 The stunt drew ...

The unexpected sources of resilience

Attendees at Wednesday’s Moderator’s Luncheon in Devonport heard how resilience arises out of relationships and understanding.

About 35 people braved cold and wet conditions to attend the event at Devonport Uniting Church, where they received a warm welcome and hearty lunch from the local congregation, which expressed its delight in hosting VicTas Synod Moderator Rev Sharon Hollis.

Ms Hollis was ...

LGBTI piece offering from Uniting AgeWell

Over the past two years Victorian Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality Rowena Allen has eaten more rainbow cake than might be “humanly possible” but the spectacular one on offer at the launch of Uniting AgeWell’s inaugural Celebrating LGBTI week still had special significance.

“I used to work in this building about 25 years ago,” Ms Allen told ...

Terrorism in my country


The most frightening thing I’ve ever seen was a group of Nazis standing on an intersection in New Orleans some years ago: middle-aged men and women wearing the classic brown uniforms and armbands with the Nazi symbol. I asked the taxi driver if they were shooting a movie. “No ma’am, they’re Nazis; they’re holding some ...

Christians don’t speak with one voice


Following the Senate’s decision this week, we as a nation are now moved to focus on a postal plebiscite on marriage equality.

Within 12 hours of the decision, I received an email from the Coalition for Marriage which is a part of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). I have never subscribed to this group, so ...

Praying for peace in Korea

Uniting Church members are asked to pray for peace in Korea as the threat of a nuclear showdown looms over the peninsula.

On Wednesday, the North Korean government threatened to launch a missile strike on the US Pacific territory of Guam. Donald Trump promised to retaliate “with fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

More ...

Investor wants new balance from UCA Funds

The topic of gender diversity generated much discussion, including a big challenge from the audience, during the annual UCA Funds Management investor briefing on Tuesday.

Eager investors from as far away as Hamilton travelled to the Rydges Melbourne hotel for the first session at 11am followed by a light lunch. An evening session was also held.

Investment specialist ...