Loving the country

“I really loved seeing the country we came through on the bus”, a young mother told one of the organisers as we walked over to the picnic.

She had arrived in Castlemaine with a group of people who are seeking asylum ...

Fair bet

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Your views on the news

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to not let online gambling ads wash over you. They dominate free-to-air and pay TV. The ads themselves are glitzy, blokey, and trying very hard to be clever. They ...

Leading the way on interfaith unity

Young people can lead the way towards interfaith unity by showing their elders what an inclusive society looks like.

This was a theme that emerged from the ‘Journeys of Culture and Faith, Stories of Us’ forum that took place ...

Introducing the UCA NewsBot

Social media has changed the way people find their news. With a quick Twitter search or a scroll through Facebook, users can tune in to the latest political developments, from breaking news out of Parliament House to updates from ...

Sharing stories of faith and culture

Young people from diverse faith and cultural backgrounds will share their stories at a forum on Wednesday 22 March.

The ‘Journeys of Culture and Faith, Stories of Us’ forum coincides with Cultural Diversity Week, which runs from 18-26 March. It will ...

Unearthing the early life of Victoria

A church carpark has been peeled back to provide a rare and fascinating peek into the lives of Victoria’s early settlers.

The archaeological work at Wesley Church on Lonsdale St is being conducted as part of heritage requirements of ...

Beer battered

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Your views on the news 

For Coopers it’s been a brouhaha of almost Biblical proportions.

The controversy over the South Australian brewers association with the Bible Society and a PR stunt that backfired very badly continues ...

Helping hand for struggling families

Morning commuters passing through Southern Cross station on Friday can help reduce energy costs for vulnerable families – and it will only cost them a high-five.

For each person who high-fives ‘Dave’, EnergyAustralia will donate $1 towards Kildonan UnitingCare’s energy visits ...

Rosemary garland well deserved

Rosemary Brown’s extraordinary life of helping others leads to a question that she has trouble answering.

“People ask ‘what drives me?’” she said.

“I have no idea. It is just inside my gut. You could say Christian conviction and sure I ...