Letters to the editor – December 2016

Savage cuts to aged pensions In June 2015 Scott Morrison, the then minister for social services, stated: “The current generation of aged pensioners had a deal with the government o

Letters – November 2016

Flying the flag The August issue of Crosslight has a dramatic cover of the cross, the main symbol of the Christian religion, being manoeuvred into position at Long Tan, and its art

Letters – October 2016

Learning from Islam The remarks made by Senator Hanson in her maiden speech are as astonishing as they are predictable (sadly).

Letters to the editor – July 2016

Reality of God I recently bought a telescope to watch the night skies. At first I was a little perplexed when the image of a tree I trained it on was upside down.

Letters to the editor – June 2016

Foreign aid It was extremely disturbing to read that over $11 billion has been slashed from Australia’s overseas aid budget during the past few years (‘Stop foreign aid