Time to listen

“Family violence is an area where – bizarrely – government organisations don’t necessarily seek the counsel of those who understand what is happening at the coalface – those who kn

Social issues high on conference agenda

Congress members Aunty Dianne Torrens (Chairperson of NSW/ACT Congress) and her husband Tim performing at a fellowship evening at the UAICC National Conference in Poatina, Tasmania

Access denied?

The Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania and Access Ministries will seek to mend a fractured relationship over the next eight months.

Is religion under threat on our ABC?

In a time of constant change – of extremist groups using social media to capture world attention; of religion, politics and power combining into a volatile cocktail threatening to

Hope in Harare

Mark Edmonds and Lovemore the gardener at the orphanage discussing drip irrigation installation When Mark Edmonds (pictured left) left his busy corporate job he could have been for

Terrible humanity

Abdul Haji, one of the first responders, helps rescues a hostage from Westgate Mall, Nairobi ON 21 September 2013, Al Shabaab terrorists invaded Westgate Mall in the upscale neighb

A lifeline

Illustration by Garth Jones – http://www.eldepositodelplatino.

Do not turn your face away

Over the past few months our television screens and newspapers have been filled with appalling stories of brutality visited upon children – Palestinian children dying in the Gaza S