The Challenge of Change

For many, Christmas is a time of celebration, reflection on the year that has passed and anticipation of a new year ahead. For others, the season can intensify loss, loneliness and isolation.

The hope of spring

Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre has welcomed six new spring arrivals – six emu chicks. Congress Resource Worker, Rev Vladimir Korotkov, said staff witnessed a role-reversal of parenting duties.

Taking care in business

As the voices in the public square become more strident, our media reflects growing hate and intolerance and our parliamentary Question Time is polarising and self-serving.

Suffer the little children

By Penny Mulvey I sat in County Court 3 level 3 for several days in August listening to victims and leaders and officials of the Catholic Church give evidence before three of the five commissioners appointed by the Fede

Remembering hope

By Penny Mulvey It was like an electric shock. How is it possible? An international carrier shot down whilst travelling at speed, 35,000 feet above ground, killing all 298 passengers and crew.

The business of church

Some years ago I worked for a Christian international relief and development organization. It was a privilege to visit partners, to sit with them and break bread, observe projects and gather stories.

A response to grace

The moderator’s column provides a retelling of Jesus’ appearance before Pilate at the Festival of Unleavened Bread (Mark 15: 1-15) using a football analogy.

A united journey

By Penny Mulvey On 17 March, Uniting Church members from across the nation will begin a week of prayer and fasting for justice for our First Peoples.

A holiday break often brings much needed perspective. To be removed from the daily demands and placed into a different context can bring with it rest and renewal.

Your voice

By Penny Mulvey What role does a church newspaper play? Whose interests does it serve? Newspapers are defined by their very name – the purveyors of news, and news is basically the presentation of information about recent