She’s someone

By Penny Mulvey The St Kilda Gatehouse is a not-for-profit Christian organisation which works alongside those involved in street-based sex work or affected by commercial sexual exploitation as a result of hardship.

Constant change

By Penny Mulvey The newspapers described the cold snap that descended on the east coast of Australia last month as an ‘Antarctic vortex’.

Timeless beauty

By PENNY MULVEY Travelling has the capacity to take you out of yourself. You see the world and your place in it with fresh eyes.

Challenge for the Church

By Penny Mulvey More than a thousand members of the synod recently participated in a culture survey at the invitation of the Major Strategic Review (MSR) team.

The experience of ageism

By Penny Mulvey “It is a terrible thing for a society to discard the weak and the disabled and to justify it by saying they have had their turn.

Tears for the Forgotten Children

Most families with young children proudly display their artwork on the fridge for allto admire. Often the drawing will include a smiling sun beaming down on a happy scene.

The Lord is my shepherd

In an age and society where the Christian voice appears less well regarded, laughed at, likened to a bygone era of fantasy and superstition, how do we achieve cut-through to defend and advocate for the issues important t

The Challenge of Change

For many, Christmas is a time of celebration, reflection on the year that has passed and anticipation of a new year ahead. For others, the season can intensify loss, loneliness and isolation.

The hope of spring

Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre has welcomed six new spring arrivals – six emu chicks. Congress Resource Worker, Rev Vladimir Korotkov, said staff witnessed a role-reversal of parenting duties.