Poetry – An Ordinary Life

I mused upon the weeds one day, upon the torn and ravaged ground. Their healing fronds and trailing leaves, repairing torn and damaged space.

Poetry – The Quiet Ones

River – ‘Hand Drawn with Mouse’ Digital Art by Margaret Gambold. THE QUIET PLACES Show me the quiet places Lord, Where I can find your peace.

Prose – Half Moon Bay

By Bill Pugh Half Moon Bay, Black Rock. Cliffs surround sand and sea making an amphitheatre. An experience whatever the season. A family place for summer days.

Prose – Letters and Faith

By Bill Pugh  On a weekday afternoon, I sometimes hear the periodic squeak of brakes coming along the street. Mark, our postie, on his motor cycle, is delivering the mail.

Prose – Ladders and Faith

By Bill Pugh When we were kids, five of us, four boys and a sister, our backyard was a special place. In summer we played test cricket, a few neighbours in the team.


By Rev John Cranmer Welcome compatriots ALL to the ambivalent joy of being a bubbling-fermenting opening-up presence for the whole of life and human-civilization Come fly-wild o