Tails of hope and despair

FILM | A STREET CAT NAMED BOB | PG Review by BARBARA ALLEN Loosely based on James Bowen’s 2012 autobiography, A Street Cat Named Bob, this movie is about the relationship between a

Removing the labels of faith

By Semisi Kailahi One thing that young people of different faiths often have in common is a concern over how religious labels define and limit the way that others see them.

Espousing the love of God

Valentine’s Day came two days early to Western Heights Uniting Church this year, with the local minister demonstrating the love of God in the most profoundly personal manner by let

Rough justice?

FRIDAY FORUM From Thursday next week the public can make submissions on the City of Melbourne Council’s move to virtually ban homeless people from living in the CBD.

UCA calls for an end to credit-fuelled gambling

The ethical investing arm of the Uniting Church, UCA Funds Management, has called on Australia’s four big banks to immediately stop credit cards being used for online gambling afte

Kicking goals all the way

At time when good news can seem in short supply the debut of the women’s AFL competition over the weekend has been such a success it even caught organisers by surprise.